Jane Rothman

Jane Rothman is one of our valued committee members who takes care of our email and whose willingness to help others, inspires us all.

What is your role on the Committee and what does it entail?

Supported by Mary McAlister (from whom I have recently taken over), I answer email correspondence that comes to the GBS/CIDP email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Sometimes the answers are quite easy to provide, other emails are quite heartbreaking. We do our best to provide support and/or useful information and contacts.

Can you briefly share your GBS/CIDP experience?

Returning home again was initially very scary. What bliss it was when I could toilet myself independently again.
I now take pride in doing many mundane things I used to take for granted like washing up, using the washing machine, hanging out clothes, and doing some limited cooking (happily more each day).jane-family-300x435 I passed my driving test several years ago and now drive a slightly modified vehicle. I am no longer afraid to walk alone in the street, for fear of falling or being knocked over. In fact, I go bush walking! I can again dress myself and wear ‘normal’ clothes – but generally still no zips or buttons. The other day I did up the zipper of a jacket I had on for the first time. I haven’t given up on having close to full recovery. Who knows how my journey and this story will end.

What was the toughest challenge you faced during your recovery?

The toughest challenge was leaving rehab still in a wheelchair, being told I might never walk freely again. My hands remain a challenge.

How did you overcome it?

With the help of great physiotherapists and OT’s with their "can do" attitude. While doctors said "never", they said "you can’t do it yet". They never gave up and that gave me determination.

We were a team!

What inspires you everyday?

Life... my husband, grandchildren, family and friends. My regained abilities, I don’t take any of the things I can do again like walking, going independently to a public toilet, holding a cup, etc. for granted.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

The support and friendship of GBDS/CIDP NSW has been one of the pegs that has helped me on my road to recovery. Also, a thought about rehab services which need our support. No one thinks about these services until they need them and no one wants to think they’ll ever need them. I know I never did.