Research Grants/Donations

The GBS/CIDP Association is seeking to support specific research into GBS/CIDP and related disorders to identify better treatments and eventually a cure.

In the past we have sponsored students to attend peripheral neuropathy conferences and seminars and it is this, and other similar work, where we may be able to partner.microscope 600x402

We are a small support group funded by membership and donations and therefore a strict selection criteria is in place to ensure any funding can yield maximum benefit for our members.

We invite detailed written submissions from interested parties setting out the location, scope, aims, projected outcomes, level of funding and timeline of the proposed research/activity, and how the Association might assist.

Submissions are to be addressed to the Chair. Submissions will be accepted if received within two weeks prior to a published Committee meeting (see meeting schedule). Submissions will be tabled and assessed by the Committee at the next meeting in accordance with the criteria outlined below. The Committee will approve or decline the submission by majority vote and the submitter will be notified in writing within one week of the meeting

Assessment Criteria applied by the Committee:-

  • Increase our knowledge and understanding of GBS/CIDP and related disorders
  • Likely to lead to better treatments and/or eventually a cure
  • Likely to lead to improved functionality for patients and or improvements in quality of life
  • Consistent with the mission statement of the Association
  • Likely to increase positive exposure of the Association
  • Is the funding full or partial and if so what percentage is the Association contributing?
  • Can be funded from available budget
  • Value for money
  • Time period to completion
  • Are there specific measurable goals/outcomes which can be used to determine the value of the sponsorship to the Association
  • Is the research/activity likely to be ongoing i.e. annual event?