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Welcome one and all.

Lots of ongoing prodigious reading of all things COVID-19 in particular in response to inquiries relating to the current COVID vaccines and potential side effects for people living with GBS/CIDP and other auto-immune, immuno-compromised conditions.

The advice I have at present is watch this space.

With new vaccines and the current batch have been developed and rolled out in record breaking time, it is always best practice to use sample groups who are fit and healthy adults and the trials have been mainly focussed on these types of groups.

Makes sense as they are most likely to withstand any side effects that may develop.

Once these groups have gone through the trials then the vaccines are rolled out more widely and assessed.

High risk groups are generally left till the end to help ensure as many potential concerns are assessed and weighted.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency impacting many nations, the supply of vaccines is nowhere near enough for mass vaccination and supply will continue to be a key concern moving forward.

As such, the distribution will be triaged on a needs basis, front line and most vulnerable generally first.

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