Annual Subscription to GBS Association of NSW

Financial Year 1st January - 31st December
Charity ABN: 59 166 877 537 Incorporated Association: Y13693-18

Why not join our Association and become a member. Membership entitles you to four Newsletters each year and these can be issued to you by post, email or by logging onto our members area on the website. Membership also brings you closer to the Association where you are welcome to attend meetings and share your experience and that of others. Many people find this helpful to talk to those who have had to deal with their own situation and are more likely to understand.

It is an easy as completing the form below then selecting your payment method. We will receive notification of your intended membership via email and then all you need to do is send your money as per your preference.

Once we receive your membership fee and/or donation a receipt will be sent to you with the next Newsletter sent via post or as soon as possible where Newsletters sent via email

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Association Questionaire
The Association would like to collect some additional information, it is purely optional, however this information would assist in directing the efforts of the Association.

Financial Details

We only accept a Cheque or Money Order posted to us or alternatively, you can make a Bank Deposit to our account (details on next page and in email sent to you). Please do not send cash.

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