Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Mark K 2

Welcome all to what feels like a whole new way of life living with COVID-19.  I trust everyone is staying safe and well, maintaining physical distancing and if you are like me, self-isolating.

You will note I used the phrase physical distancing and you may have heard the term social distancing used in the media etc. We want everyone to maintain a minimum of 1.5m from others, regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds, remain vigilant and adhere to government guidelines.

However, we still want everyone to stay socially connected. As we know GBS/CIDP can be isolating.  Initially it is hard enough for the patient to understand the impact of living with a rare condition and then how do you explain that to your partner, family and friends and articulate those strange sensations, the pain, the fatigue, the things you can do and/or cannot now do either the same way or not at all without unduly increasing their level of anxiety.

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As the news and reaction to the COVID-19 virus changes daily, as you would understand, your association is not able to provide the latest news and advice. However, we can advise members where to go to continue to receive the latest updates rather than follow the story as covered by the media, for daily updates we suggest you visit the NSW Health