Les Maskell

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Earlier in 2008, she had purchased a couple of tickets for us to go and see Andre Rieu when he arrived in Brisbane with his wonderful orchestra, and of course, it was around July that I became ill. When I was hospitalized, I thought, ‘well this is one thing I am going to miss’ and just three weeks, before I left the Rehabilitation Centre, I was hobbling around on my wheely walker, and on the day of my discharge, I decided that I would discard it and use a walking stick instead. Many people said I would most likely fall over, but I didn’t, not once! We did go to Brisbane, we did see the show, and now I’m so happy to say, I don’t even use a walking stick.

Although I may be slow, and there are still some things I cannot do, I’m getting there, and I hope that ‘My Story’ will encourage other members of the Association to not only be positive as an aid to their recovery, but also to be able to look forward to better times ahead!

Les Maskell May 2009