Sandra Cluley

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I was lucky enough that my deterioration stopped there whether out of sheer determination or by good luck. By this time they confirmed that it was GBS and warned me of possible organ failure. I really didn’t comprehend how serious this was until later in my recovery after reading up on the syndrome. I did have breathing problems about the 3rd day at St Vincents and had the buzzer ready in my hand but thankfully passed and to this day think it was shock and determination that helped ne overcome it..

By the end of the first week there I was made to sit up by a grumpy old sister and have never forgiven her. It was so painful. By this time I had lost so much weight that a lady in the same ward said I looked like a Bi-afran. I did however start to eat simple things and very cautiously start physio. As all my family and friends were back at Richmond I asked to be transferred back to Windsor as soon as I was out of danger and after another 2 weeks finally went back.

My 2 children were being cared for by my mother at her house on the NSW south coast, so my husband went and picked them up after organising time off, and I finally got to see them after over a month in hospital. I was finally allowed home by my sympathetic GP on my birthday in December. He said I was depressed and needed something to cheer me up. I hugged him. I found out later from a friend who had the same GP that he was distracted during one of her consultations, and she asked what was wrong and he said he was worried about me. This apparently was in the first stages before I was admitted to hospital.

I had to attend outpatient physio everyday, and every day was a struggle and had a 3rd lumbar puncture to confirm that my count was declining in my spinal fluid. During the procedure they hit a nerve on my right side not knowing this would leave some permanent damage.